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Our Capabilities

You already know the Gem name what you might not know is that Gem can fabricate over 3 million heads a year for sprinkler contractors. Gem is the Nation's oldest fabricator with 50 years of experience No one knows fabrication better than Gem Fab. At Gem in Cleveland, NC - Glen Burnie, MD - Tampa, FL - Renton, WA  and Pennsylvania we can provide you with ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING SPRINKLER.


Gem Fab is not just a supply house with a little fab shop out back - we are a Fabricator that has large inventories and automated equipment to quickly complete any project. Any size, any length, any schedule, any type - any way you cut it - Gem Fab set the standards across the nation that everyone else tries to reach.


Gem not only offers competitive pricing, Gem Fab and Supply IS your low cost producer. We help you control cost where it counts - in the field. Gem is committed to your success and with Gem Fab and Supply even the smallest sprinkler contractor can be a big as they choose to be.

Take a short tour in some of our shops.......

Operation Sizes  
Cut Pipe 1/2" to 12"  
Thread Pipe 1/2" to 12"  
Weld Up to 24" Blk, Galv & SS  
Roll Groove 1" to 24"  
Cut Groove 1" to 12"  
End Prep 1" to 2"  
Hole Drill Up to 4"  
Hanger Assy 3/8" to 12"  
Pipe Threading 1/2" to 12"  



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