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The Nation's Oldest Fabricator & Supplier for  Fire Protection Sprinkler Systems

4,000,000 heads a year - Be as BIG as you want to be with Gem as your Partner!

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      50M Heads

NEW, South-Tek Systems N2-Blast Corrosion Inhibiting System

The N2-Blast Corrosion Inhibiting System generates and introduces 98% pure Nitrogen into the Dry or Pre-Action Fire Protection System. This inhibits MIC, freeze ups and ice plugs. Call us today for more information on how the N2-Blast can put you ahead of your competition. Now available from Gem Fab & Supply USA


The NEW Gem-Lock Tech Data and Submittal

Technical Data for the New Gem-Lock Grooved Systems. If you have not tried Gem-Lock Groove Systems, we both lose.


Gem's Specialty Fabrication Solutions since 1970 has been providing quality fabrication services for non-sprinkler applications. Gem's resources to fabricate process piping, waste reclamation piping, pipe bollards, stadium and gym equipment, structural catwalks and stairways to name just a few. Gem also provides powder coating, pipe bending and stainless steel fabrication. What ever your need, Gem Fab can help.


Don't let a General Contractor throw you a curve with a special requirement. Call us at Gem, we can help.

Gem Fabrication Powder Coated Pipe beats any wet coat system. Superior in protection, appearance and lack of touch up requirements. This system was NASA approved and installed at a Florida facility in 2010. Gem powder coats over 30% of the fabrication orders. You can estimate that powder coating a standard sprinkler system will increase the cost approx 20 to 24%.

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Gem Fab & Supply USA is a subsidiary of the Long Island Pipe Supply Inc. family of Nationwide Companies



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